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How was your September?
One of our highlights this month was an interview with Mr. Ulrich Kelber, Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information. The conversation navigates through cloud computing pain points and the role of codes of conduct within this landscape. Check out the discussion and keep an eye out for the next interviews with data protection authority figures.

Don't forget to check September news highlights around Europe in our monthly selection below.
On the EU Cloud CoC news, Figma is the newest cloud service provider to mark services adherent to the Code. Each new addition to the public register fosters the development and dissemination of reliable digital services.

As we're getting closer to November, don't forget to register for the upcoming IAPP Europe Data Protection Congress in Brussels. SCOPE Europe will take the stage alongside Pierre Chastanet (DG CONNECT, European Commission), Stephanie Finck (Salesforce) and Oliver Draf (Volkswagen).

Interview with Mr. Ulrich Kelber

We met with Mr. Ulrich Kelber, Germany’s Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information, to discuss several relevant topics for the cloud community. Tune in to hear some of his thoughts on co-regulation, international data transfers, GDPR codes of conduct and more.