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SCOPE Europe and its primary SRIW gathered significant experience in the field of co-regulation for several years and developed different monitoring schemes, both for Codes of Conduct we drafted from scratch and for already existing Codes.

As the exact monitoring scheme of a Code of Conduct depends on its provisions, scope and specific risks of data processed, we develop "Monitoring-by-Design" solutions, taking into account different variables of monitoring systems (such as frequency, level of assessments, etc.)

If you want to learn about monitoring concepts for Codes of Conduct, please do not hesitate to contact us via monitoringscope-europeeu

Monitoring Bodies under GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) introduces criteria a Monitoring Body has to fulfill in order to become an accredited body.

Pursuant to Article 41 GDPR, the monitoring of compliance with a data protection Code of Conduct may be carried out by an independent Monitoring Body with an appropriate level of expertise and established procedures for assessing the eligibility of controllers and processors under the respective Code. Further, the oversight of a Code of Conduct can be enhanced with transparent mechanisms for handling complaints and safeguards avoiding potential conflicts of interest. 

SCOPE Europe strives to become an accredited Monitoring Body under GDPR. Already today, it acts as the Monitoring Body of the EU Cloud Code of Conduct. Though the official approval of the Code is pending, SCOPE Europe has already prepared its procedures to effectively monitor adherent Cloud services. Find out more here.