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General information

Please note that it helps to have the following information at hand when you are completing this submission form:

1. Company registration (KVK) number

2. If applicable: Purchase Order (PO) number

3. If you are a Member of NLdigital: a link to your company on the / leden website

4. If you are not a Member of NLdigital: proof of payment or other proof of acquiring the Data Pro Processing Agreement from NLdigital (if you have been certified before, you may skip this).

5. Name/version of current version of your data breach protocol and the name under which it can internally be located.

!Comparable terminology:

Data Processing Agreement foreseen by the Code = the Data Pro processing Agreement consists of a part 1 (Data Pro Statement) and a part 2 (Standaard clausules voor verwerkingen)

1Standard Clauses for Data Processing as provided by the Code = part 2 (Standaard clausules voor verwerkingen) of the Data Processing Agreement foreseen by the Code.

You cannot pause and save during the submission process, but if you have the information above at hand, the total 7 steps process should not take more than 15 to 30 minutes to complete. After completing the process, you will receive an overview of your answers for your own administration before submission.