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SCOPE Europe was founded in 2017 by the German non-profit-organization Self-Regulation Information Economy (German: Selbstregulierung Informationswirtschaft e.V. – short: SRIW). The Berlin-based parent company fosters and promotes data and consumer protection through self- and co-regulation and serves as a platform for the development, implementation, enforcement and evaluation of various Codes of Conduct related to this purpose. So far, SRIW has successfully implemented and enforced two Codes of Conduct in the field of data protection.

SCOPE Europe and SRIW advocate for and engage in credible co-regulation through Codes of Conduct. The gathered experience indicates clearly that co-regulatory measures can be successful if Code provisions guarantee a proper application of legislative requirements by specifying and facilitating their realization and implementation. Success and market adaption in several projects were achieved by combining a credible and profound Code development with a cost-based structure and the non-profit character of SCOPE Europe’s primary and sole shareholder SRIW.