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SCOPE Europe

SCOPE Europe is an association supporting the co-regulation of the information economy. It acts as a think tank to discuss and debate key issues in digital policy and provides an umbrella organisation for a range of co-regulatory measures in the digital industry. SCOPE Europe was founded in February 2017 as a subsidiary of the German non-profit-organization SRIW e.V. (Selbstregulierung Informationswirtschaft - Self-Regulation Information Economy) and, in May 2021, became the first Monitoring Body to be accredited under the European General Data Protection Regulation pursuant Art. 41.

We are calling for suitable regulatory methods to foster innovation and the digital transformation and, at the same time, promote corporate social responsibility, in particular with regard to the appropriate measures for data and consumer protection. Related instruments cover a spectrum from enhancing the transparency of services and data processing and strengthening best practices in digital security to binding voluntary commitments from industry underpinned by sanctions.

In a largely heterogeneous and dynamic business sector, self- and co-regulation within a suitable regulatory framework provides an effective instrument capable of maintaining user and customer trust in the protection of personal rights over the long term. It aims to serve the proper application of data protection provisions by elucidating and specifying them or facilitating their realisation and implementation. Self- and co-regulation support the attainment of social and economy policy goals. Here, it is crucial to have a clear and unequivocal definition to develop the requisite statutory framework.