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5th of July 2021: International cloud codes of conduct: Building an environment of trust

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The 34th Annual International Conference, hosted by Privacy Laws & Business, takes place from the 5th to the 7th of July 2021. SCOPE Europe is thrilled to join the conference and will be July 6, at 15 pm CET for Session 4: International cloud codes of conduct: Building an environment of trust.

Spread over three days, six sessions will give you in-depth knowledge about the development of the world’s data privacy laws.

In Session 4 SCOPE Europe will share, alongside other outstanding experts’, insights in the whole process of drafting, negotiation, and the official approval of codes of conduct under GDPR.

Line-Up for Session 4:

  • Antoine Bon, Legal Advisor, Belgian Data Protection Authority
  • Paul Breitbarth, Director, Global Policy & EU Strategy, TrustArc
  • Michal Czerniawski, Legal Officer, European Data Protection Board 
  • Gabriela Mercuri, Director Business Strategy & Manager Public Policy, SCOPE Europe
  • Jonathan Sage, Government & Regulatory Affairs, IBM, and Chair, the EU Cloud Code of Conduct General Assembly

Additionally, Helena Wootton, Data Lawyer, & Stewart Dresner, Chief Executive, Privacy Laws & Business will guide threw the whole 75 minutes session.

Make sure to register today and find out more about:

The EU Cloud Codes of Conduct

  • How the GDPR sets the rules
  • The roles of the lead Data Protection Authority (DPA), the European Data Protection Board and an accredited monitoring body
  • ·The benefits to industry, regulators, and consumers of an EU approved code
  • The timetable for the drafting, negotiation, and approval of the Belgian and French DPA approved Cloud Codes of Conduct
  • Scope of the EU Cloud Codes of Conduct
  • The main provisions of the EU Cloud Codes of Conduct
  • The organisational and legal challenges to design a code that covers all service layers within a highly innovative industry

Future EU Codes of Conduct

  • Resetting privacy by introducing a co-regulation element
  • Deciding on a competent DPA when developing codes for other sectors
  • Lessons for other sectors e.g., health and financial services

For more information, please refer to the Privacy Laws & Business 34th Annual International Conference dedicated webpage.

We are looking forward to see you on the 6th of July!