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An EU Cloud CoC member receives positive EDPS decision on CJEU public procurement

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On July 13, EDPS published a decision stating that CJEU’s use of Webex by Cisco videoconferencing services meet the data protection standards under Regulation 2018/1725 applicable to EU institutions, bodies, offices and agencies. It’s thrilling to witness an EU Cloud CoC member achieve success in the realm of public procurement.

The EU Cloud CoC ecosystem consists of cloud service providers of various sizes, yet the goal remains united: to harmonize GDPR implementation and boost transparent data processing practices. This is especially important to the public sector, as authorities and other administrative bodies look to work with companies that take the highest precautions when it comes to personal data protection.

We’re happy to witness that Cisco, one of our long-standing members, has not only achieved a public procurement contract with the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), but also received an approval from the EDPS based on the fact that their service Webex meets the specific and rigorous rules for the processing of personal data by the EU’s institutions, bodies, and agencies.

Webex by Cisco just last month also received level 3 EU Cloud CoC compliance mark, after renewing adherence and ensuring that all Code controls are audited by a third party. We are delighted to observe that companies such as Cisco, aspiring to secure public procurement contracts, are committed to implementing comprehensive safeguards.

Read the decision here: