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Data Pro Code a few months in: here’s how it’s going

SCOPE EuropeNews

This year, we have achieved several significant milestones. One of the most notable accomplishments was our accreditation as the Monitoring Body for a second code of conduct, the Data Pro Code, which is a Dutch national Code of Conduct for data processing. Since receiving this accreditation, we have witnessed a substantial increase in interest from companies looking to align with the Code.

As we approach the six-month mark, we are thrilled to announce that the community of adherent services is continuously expanding. To celebrate how far we have come, we would like to recognize the providers that have voluntarily embraced the Data Pro Code.

  • SkyKick B.V.
  • TimeTell B.V.
  • Visma Idella B.V.
  • Visma Raet B.V.
  • Visma YouServe B.V.
  • VSA B.V.

Engaging in these compliance demonstration exercises is a crucial step to build trust in digital products and services. In this context, such efforts testify to these companies commitment to the proper implementation of GDPR on a daily basis, fostering transparency and accountability.

Numerous companies are currently undergoing the assessment process, which once concluded, are displayed in the project’s public register. If your company is a cloud service provider operating within the Netherlands, you can discover more about the adherence procedure and officially declare your services as compliant with the Code by visiting: