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Data Pro Code fully operational: a reflection on our journey as the accredited Monitoring Body thus far

SCOPE EuropeNews

Following the accreditation by the Dutch Data Protection Authority, SCOPE Europe has initiated the assessment procedures for cloud service providers who are interested in becoming adherent to the Data Pro Code.

Undertaking the monitoring of a second code of conduct has been a thrilling endeavor to embark on. Having accumulated significant knowledge over the past few years as the Monitoring Body for a transnational code of conduct, we viewed this as a valuable opportunity to apply our established expertise.

Over the last two months, we have officially recognized two companies as compliant with the Data Pro Code, and we are currently assessing several others. It is thrilling to witness interest from numerous cloud service providers wishing to prove their compliance with GDPR on a national scale.

The Data Pro Code, created by NLdigital, offers an easily implementable compliance structure suitable for companies of varying sizes, from micro to small and medium enterprises in the Netherlands. With the subsequent accreditation of its monitoring body, this code empowers data processors to showcase GDPR compliance as data processors and enhance transparency in the digital sector.

For interested cloud service providers operating within the Netherlands, check out how to become adherent to Data Pro Code: