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June 2021: The EU Commission adopts adequacy decisions for the United Kingdom

SCOPE EuropeNews

On June 28th, the European Commission adopted two adequacy decisions for the United Kingdom. With the goal to set out the rules for personal data transfers between the EU and the UK, one of the published decisions is under the GDPR while another addresses the scope of the Law Enforcement Directive.

Before adopting the referred adequacy decisions, the Commission has subjected UK’s law and practice on personal data protection to a thorough and comprehensive assessment, which included key elements such as the rules governing data access by public authorities.

With this substantial action, the Commission has made a significant commitment to the upholding of high levels of data protection standards, assuring the appropriate protection of European citizens.

Given the several challenges raised since Schrems II – as well as since Brexit –, SCOPE Europe highly appreciates the Commission's efforts to overcome legal uncertainties and foster more clarity in the field of international data flows.

Read the whole press release here.