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Respiratory Future Debates: SCOPE Europe speaks on data protection and modern approaches of (co-)regulation

SCOPE Europe Event

Managing Director Jörn Wittmann presents latest views and approaches on data protection in the (m-)health environment highlighting soft-law tools like codes of conduct and certifications.

EUFOREA is hosting the Respiratory Future Debates, previously known as Rhinology Future Debates. The Respiratory Future Debates is a clinician-orientated meeting that was established to fill a gap with regard to the industry-investor meetings in the field of respiratory and rhinology. The meeting focuses on all aspects of global innovation in rhinologic and respiratory devices, diagnostics and biologicals.

Agenda / Programme

  • Debate I Barriers and strategies for adoption of AIT: Prevention of Asthma
  • Debate II Barriers and strategies for adoption of Biological Treatment for CRSwNP and Asthma Patients in Belgium
  • Debate III The Rapid Sinus Relief Pathway
  • Debate IV Integrated Solutions for Airway Diseases: Homogenuous implementation of Integrated Care Pathways & Digital Technologies
  • Debate V 3D Technology in Nose and Sinus Surgery

Learn more about the programme at the event's website: 

Date & Time, Location

26 September 2018
BMW Concept Store, Brussels 

Learn more at the event's website: 


Learn more at the event's website: