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PRESS RELEASE: Dropbox joins the EU Cloud Code of Conduct General Assembly

SCOPE EuropeEU Cloud CoCPress Release

Brussels, 29 June 2021 – A valuable addition to the EU Cloud CoC’s General Assembly, the new membership of Dropbox is another crucial step towards the building of cohesion and trust in the cloud industry.

The broad dissemination of cloud computing is an indispensable feature for the materialization of Europe’s digital transition. Once its full potential is unleashed, this technology will significantly boost the performance of all key supply chains across our economy, which implies that fomenting trust in those services is simply imperative.   

On May 20th, 2021, the EU Cloud CoC became the first instrument of its kind to be fully legally operational. Such milestone enhances the necessary transparency and accountability to continually drive European cloud adoption upwards.

Against this background, welcoming Dropbox, a global player that has been consistently committed to the upholding of high data protection standards, promotes further harmonisation in terms of compliance and overall coherence within the industry, both vital elements for the effective implementation of GDPR.

The EU Cloud CoC General Assembly and SCOPE Europe are thrilled to have Dropbox joining our working groups and believe this is another testimony of how the code is uniquely positioned to enforce European data protection standards while enabling industrial innovation and growth within and beyond the cloud sector.   

Reacting to the membership and the approval of the EU Cloud CoC, Gazala Haq, Senior Director of Public Policy and Government Affairs, EMEA and APJ, stated:

Our users trust us with their most valuable data and our privacy program is designed to keep our users’ data safe. In this regard, the approval of the EU Cloud CoC is a significant milestone for the cloud industry, but also for users and their confidence when choosing the right cloud partner for transforming their business. We are looking forward to contributing to the work of SCOPE Europe and the development of the cloud industry as a whole.  

Addressing the membership of Dropbox, Jörn Wittmann, Managing Director of SCOPE Europe, said:

Following the recent approval of the EU Cloud CoC and accreditation of SCOPE Europe as its dedicated monitoring body, we very much look forward to this new chapter and are confident that Dropbox will bring its solid expertise and by that substantially add to the work of the EU Cloud CoC General Assembly. 

About EU Cloud CoC

The EU Cloud Code of Conduct is an approved and fully legally operational Code of Conduct pursuant to Article 40 GDPR. Defining clear requirements for Cloud Service Providers to implement Article 28 GDPR, the Code covers all cloud service layers (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), has its compliance overseen by an accredited monitoring body, and represents the vast majority of the European cloud industry market share.