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Public Consultation: Share your comments on the SWIPO Software-as-a-Service Code of Conduct

SCOPE Europe

The Cloud Switching and Porting Data (SWIPO) Stakeholder Working Group initiated a public consultation on the Software-as-a-Service Code of Conduct.


Under the free flow of non-personal data Regulation, the European Commission has encouraged the development on a self-regulatory basis of a Code of Conduct for Cloud Switching/Data Porting. SCOPE Europe is co-chairing the subworking group on cloud switching and porting data on Software-as-a-Service ("SaaS"). 

Public Consultation: 

At the DSM ("Digital Single Market") Cloud Stakeholder conference in Vienna, the SaaS subworking group launched a public consultation. Stakeholders are invited to share their comments and thoughts on the current Code version. The public consultation is open until 31 January. 

The public consultation and all information can be found here.