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SCOPE Europe submits comments on EDPB certification guidelines

SCOPE EuropeConsultation

SCOPE Europe and its parent company Selbstregulierung Informationswirtschaft e.V. (SRIW e.V.) submit comments to the European Data Protection Board on the Guidelines on certification and identifying certification criteria in accordance with Articles 42 and 43 GDPR.

SCOPE Europe welcomes the outlined concepts and aspects of the drafted Guidelines of the EDPB (1/2018, PDF) and the covered sections. The purpose and scope are articulated clearly, also the given guidance can foster the implementation of Art. 42/43 in the market. Regarding the outlined aspects, this document highlights the importance of comparability and exclusivity of Certifications, as recommendations for clearer guidance on both concepts are given below. In addition, a clearer distinction between Certifications and Codes of Conduct pursuant to Art. 40/41 GDPR, for instance by preventing any confusing language or legal terms, within the Guidelines is recommended.

Read our detailed comments on the Guidelines below.