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SCOPE Europe’s Comments on the Commission’s Call for Feedback on the GDPR

SCOPE EuropeNews

The European Commission recently issued a call for feedback on the implementation of the GDPR, marking 6 years of its applicability.

Drawing on our extensive experience in designing and monitoring GDPR compliance tools, SCOPE Europe was thrilled to contribute to this call for feedback. We firmly believe in the importance of this exercise of gathering meaningful input from stakeholders dealing with GDPR requirements on a daily basis. Thus, SCOPE Europe is enthusiastic about contributing to such crucial evaluation as well as the subsequent efforts to ensure the appropriate application of GDPR across the EU.

When it comes to the continuous endeavor to optimize the application of GDPR, we have highlighted four key priorities:

  1. Harmonization of legal interpretation and implementation
  2. Increase Transparency and Public Awareness
  3. Enable Foreseeability and Legal Certainty
  4. Enhance Consistency in the Application of the Risk-Based Approach

Considering persistent implementation challenges, we have discussed how codes of conduct can play a unique role for the materialization of the abovementioned priorities and, by that, significantly contribute to the effective application of the GDPR. Leveraging our extensive experience in establishing self- and co-regulatory instruments, our feedback provides a specific perspective on compliance tools that enhance GDPR enforcement, industry efficiency, and legal certainty, especially for SMEs. We shed light on the approval process (Art. 40 GDPR), accreditation of monitoring bodies (Art. 41 GDPR), and given their added-value, advocate for appropriate incentives for the development of codes of conduct. Our submission underscores the critical need for support, clarification, and harmonization in applying GDPR provisions to achieve the robust protection of personal data throughout the EU.

For a more in-depth understanding, please explore our full comments and responses. 

If you are interested in getting some further insights, our parent organisation, SRIW, also shared their response to the EC's call for evidence.