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Data Pro Code Continues to Expand: Welcoming Another Wave of Adherent Services

SCOPE EuropeNews

One year ago, SCOPE Europe commenced the monitoring process for the Data Pro Code, a Dutch national Code of Conduct for data processing. Today, we are thrilled to announce yet another batch of adherent services to the Code, further growing a community committed to excellence in data processing within the Netherlands.

The Data Pro Code is specifically tailored for micro, small and medium enterprises, making it an accessible compliance solution for data processors. Since our accreditation as the Monitoring Body of the Data Pro Code, numerous companies have voluntarily gone through the adherence process. We extend our appreciation to the providers who have become compliant:

  • Blue10 B.V.
  • Itum Solutions B.V.
  • Korèn IT B.V.
  • Shared Service Center DeSom
  • Teqa Informatica B.V.
  • Optimum ICT B.V.

This ongoing commitment from companies is pivotal in building trust in digital products and services. Several companies are currently undergoing the assessment process, and upon completion, their adherence status will be proudly displayed in the project’s public register. If your organization is a cloud service provider operating within the Netherlands, learn more about the adherence procedure and officially declare your services as compliant with the Data Pro Code by visiting: Data Pro Code Adherence.