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This week, we joined the high-level data economy conference in Helsinki, hosted by the Finnish  EU Presidency. In this context, the multi-stakeholder group SWIPO (Switching Cloud Service Providers and Porting Data) officially presented two Codes of Conduct to enable proper application of the Article 6 “Porting of Data” of the EU Free Flow of non-personal Data Regulation. SCOPE Europe was invited by the European Commission to co-chair the working group. In this context, we contributed to the development of the Codes for the last one and a half years, in particular by driving the establishment of a common governance for all Codes of Conduct under SWIPO.  “Every self-regulatory process that aims for a credible solution for challenges in an highly innovative environment is an intensive journey. Success is only possible if all parties involved show constant good faith, willingness to compromise and to understand the other side. Against this background, I am impressed by the strong support shown by all relevant stakeholders for the Codes of Conduct and the accompanying mandatory governance documents that were presented. If this collaborative spirit can carry on, I am convinced that the market has been given a credible package that contains all ingredients necessary for successful market implementation and adoption”, said our Managing Director Jörn.

Happy reading,
Your SCOPE Europe Team.